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Meet Our Amazing
Dance Teachers

Glenda Cajigal


Glenda Cajigal founded Pinecrest Dance Project in 2010.  Glenda specializes in Ballet, Modern Dance Techniques and Choreography.

Currently, Glenda teaches our Ballet and Salsa classes at our facilities at Pinecrest Community Center, our Salsa classes for special needs kids at our facilities at Miami Learning Experience School, and our Ballroom and Latin Dance classes at our facilities at Miami Dade College-Kendall Campus.

She graduated with honors from the Cuban National School of Art and Dance, and later studied at the Cuban Superior Institute of Art.  She obtained her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Theater with a Specialization in Theater and Dance from Barry University.  More recently, Glenda obtained her Master in Education, Curriculum and Instruction from Florida International University.

Miss Glenda has performed in several events, including the Super Bowl XLI at Dolphin Stadium (Miami, FL), El Canto del Hombre at The City Theater (Mexico City, Mexico), and Escaleras al Cielo at the National Theatre (Havana, Cuba).

Glenda has been recognized with numerous awards, including Best Interpretation in the International Contest “Percuba” (Havana, Cuba), as was three times awarded 1st Place in Choreography and Female Interpretation in the National Choreography Contest (Havana, Cuba).

Susana Fajardo


Susana Fajardo specializes in Ballet, Modern Dance and Hip Hop.

Currently, Susana teaches our Ballet classes at our facilities at Pinecrest Community Center, and our Hip Hop classes for special needs kids at our facilities at Miami Learning Experience School.

Susana Fajardo obtained her Bachelor in Dance at Nova Southeastern University.

Susana Fajardo has danced in many performances and in numerous plays including Miami Dolphins-Austin Mahone Half Time Show (Miami, FL), Rio2 Movie Premiere and World Largest Samba Flash mob Guinness Record (Miami Beach, FL), and Ricky Martin’s Come with Me Music Video (Miami Beach, FL).

Miss Susana received the Performing and Visual Arts Scholarship from Nova Southeastern University, the Black Box Awards, and the Miami Dade Academic Excellency Performer Award.

Paula Alejandra Castaño


Paula Alejandra Castaño specializes in Flamenco and Modern Dance.

Currently Paula teaches our Flamenco classes at our facilities at Pinecrest Community Center.

Paula Alejandra was awarded a scholarship to study at the Alvin Alley Dance Center, in New York City, USA.  After graduating she moved to Madrid, Spain where she learned Flamenco. She is currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Florida International University.

Paula has danced and choreographed Flamenco with Tcure Teatro (Madrid, Spain), Siudy Flamenco Dance Theater (Miami, FL), and Flamenco Puro Company (Miami, FL). Miss Paula also has performed in several events and companies, including Temporada de Zarzuela de Veranos de la Villa (Madrid, Spain), Karim Knoak Company (New York, USA), and Yurgaki Orchestra, (Colombia).

Patricia Trujillo


Patricia Trujillo specializes in Acting.

Currently, Miss Patricia teaches Theater at Pinecrest Dance Project.

Miss Patricia graduated from San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, later from the University of Arts in Cuba. She obtained her Acting certificate form the Royal Court Theater of England in 2015.

Patricia has performed in numerous plays including, Dementia Praecox No. 20 (Poland), Elsinor (Cuba), Itself (Poland), Do you wanna play? (Cuba), Games (USA), Colorin Colorado (USA), and Doña Rosita la Soltera (USA).

Andrea Suarez


Andrea Suarez is an assistant dance teacher at Pinecrest Dance Project.

She has been involved in the dance world since she was six years old. Miss Andrea started as a volunteer in our first summer camp and discovered her passion for the education field. Andrea helps with attendance and roll-taking, assist children during shoe changes, bathroom or water breaks, offer encouragement to dance students during the class, hand out props or set up items to be used in class, help to line up students and to keep them in line, lead and participate in choreography and recitals.

Miss Andrea received her high school diploma from Miami Palmetto Senior High School and is currently pursuing her A.S. in Health Science at Miami Dade College.

Annia Elena Ballagas


Annia Elena Ballagas specializes in Salsa, Latin Dancing and Ballroom.

Currently teaches our Latin Dancing and Ballroom classes at our facilities at Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus.

Annia Elena graduated from the Cuban National School of Art and Dance and later obtained her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Dance at the Cuban Superior Institute of Art, in Havana, Cuba.

She was a principal dancer at Dance Experimentation Project Company of Santiago Alfonso, the Cuban National Folk Company, and the Corpus Spiritus Alma of Tanging Fon. She directed LSSY Dance School in Italy for 10 years.

Alessandro Miliano


Alessandro Miliano specializes in Salsa, Folklore, and Latin Dancing.

Currently teaches our Salsa classes at our facilities at Pinecrest Community Center, and at our facilities at Face to Face Mental Health Care.

He graduated from the Liceo Scientifico Leon Batista Alberti, Napoli, Italy, and later obtained his Bachelor in Fine Arts in Dance and Music at the Cuban Superior Institute of Art, in Havana, Cuba.

He directed La Salsa Soy Yo Dance School in Italy for more than 12 years.

My daughters experience at Pinecrest Dance Project has been beyond positive. My girls love to dance at home but I could not find a dance class they enjoyed until we started taking classes from Miss Glenda. I had tried multiple studios in Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay. They look forward to dance class and count down the days each week until it is time to go. The end of the year show was professional and entertaining, but what I loved most about it was that little girls still looked and danced like little girls. Everything was age appropriate and the dancers were arranged on stage so that every parent had a great view of their child. The attention to detail was phenomenal. I highly recommend Pinecrest Dance Project to others and we will continue to take classes for years to come.

Hallie Evans


I couldn’t be happier with Pinecrest Dance project. Since my daughter Tesa started ballet 2 years ago, I have seen great improvement and more importantly the motivation that she shows. She is always twirling and tip-toeing and practicing the steps. This class has not only given her dancing skills but has also boosted her self-esteem. Mrs. Glenda is an amazing teacher that focuses on each kid’s abilities and strengths, helping them achieve their individual goals. Again, I couldn’t be happier!”

Antonella Lagomarsino

After participating in two other dance programs, my daughter finally landed exactly where she needed to be at Pinecrest Dance Project. Ms. Glenda Cajigal's passion, talent, creativity, and her nurturing teaching skills have been instrumental in my daughter's dance journey. I am so thrilled to see my daughter thriving and loving every second of her dance lesson. I truly believe that you can be an incredible dancer, but teaching is an art that not everyone possess, and Ms. Cajigal is so blessed to have it.

Maria A. Guelmes


Both of my kids love Pinecrest Dance Project. Glenda and other teachers are so sweet, loving and kind to the dancers. I only wish they would offer more classes! My girls can't wait for their class each week. The dance camps are great too!

Brooke Lam

Our daughter has been a student of Miss Glenda Cajigal since she was 3 years old. We have enjoyed watching her learn, flourish and enjoy her ballet classes and her performances in the annual shows. Her continued development in a trusted environment and a truly professional approach to teaching are just two reasons we are committed to Pinecrest Dance Project. Miss Glenda and her team of professionals have instilled a true love of dance and a beautiful experience for our daughter. We are so fortunate to be a part of this community

Teresa Baloyra Albert