Dance Team

Dance Team

Team Dance Miami FL


Glenda Cajigal & Susana Fajardo



  • Friday

    04.00 - 07.00

Ages Group:

From 5 to 12 years old


Classes are held at Pinecrest Community Center.


Our dance team is a group of selected dancers that participates in competitive events. Our objectives are to promote leadership in all our students, instill dance spirit, and inspire good character and responsibility among all members.

Dress Code:

Purple leotard, black short and pink ballet slippers.  Uniforms are available for purchase before and after the class.

Students must have hair up and away from your neck and face to create an elegant line. A bun is always our preferred hairstyle.

No Jewelry (except small stud earrings). Dangling earrings and hoops are strictly forbidden due to safety reasons.

Extra warm-up clothing should be removed after the stretch and warm up period of practice.

No gum chewing or cellphone use is allowed.

No friends are allowed to watch practice as we find this a distraction.