Latin Dancing Classes

Latin Dancing Classes

Adult Latin Dance Classes Miami


Glenda Cajigal



  • Friday

    09.10 - 10.10

Ages Group:

From 18 years old and up.


Classes are held at Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus, Room G208.


Students will learn the basic steps for dancing Salsa and Casino style, as well as basic turns and foot patterns for one on one or Rueda. Salsa music timing and counts, to follow the beats of a song, will also be taught. Learn how to lead your partner (hand and foot positions) and how to follow your partner (hand and foot positions). Learn over 20 different steps of casino style ranging from the simplest to the more complex turns!

Dress Code:
Students should wear clothing that is comfortable, does not restrict movement, and does not inhibit the instructor from ensuring proper techniques.